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Budget Smudget [REPACK]

I have 4 children, ranging from 3 to 10yrs. Up to now, I have had the same budget for each child, but this year the things I'd like to buy my 3yr old are a lot more expensive than those for a couple of the others. I've come to realise it doesn't really matter that I spend the same amount on each of them, but that they get what they'd like with some surprises thrown in, and it will probably balance out over time. Same with my parents, I usually set a 50 budget for each of them. In the past year my Dad (72yrs) has had various health scares, was robbed at knifepoint after being punched to the ground, my Mum lost her Mum and then to round things off they were burgled on Tuesday. My poor Mum had her entire jewellery collection stolen, 69 years worth, plus pieces which go back 3 or more generations. I live 8 hours away, so haven't been around for them for anything that has happened, but they're spending Christmas with us and I want to utterly spoil them for the crap time they've had, and feel like budgets should go out the window, and as long as I can afford it, just treat them to some wonderful gifts! Does anyone NOT stick to a budget, but spend, within reason, what they want to and feel is appropriate? Do you have any fabulous suggestions on what I can do for my parents?

Budget smudget

So sad to hear what happened.A bit random but if you wanted to get jewellery for your mum in silver or gold with real gemstones, i buy all my jewellery from gemporia. It's worth looking out for the auctions where they reduce the prices even more - I buy a lot through the app.I think you're right about budgets being flexible, with different ages will be different preferences and wants, plus personal circumstances may change - work, another kid, etc

I don't stick to any sort of a budget and love present buying so often spend a little ahem wildly. Tend to spread it throughout the year mind, then forget how much I've already spent/bought. Your parents have a loving caring kind hearted child, something worth much more than money.

I'm glad I've not lost the plot with the idea of no budget! Some lovely ideas of custom jewellery. We had our wedding rings made by a fantastic lady, and I'm sure she could help come up with something brilliant. They love the theatre too, so tickets and a hotel would be nice, and maybe a so a day for me and my Mum next time she's down here. There's some lovely ones on the coast.

Evermine LabelsEvermine LabelsDIY Smudge Stick Wedding FavorsRachelJune 1, 2015Featured, From The Garden, Gifts & Favors, Handmade Gifts Ideas, Tips & Tutorials, Wedding3 CommentsSmudge sticks are small bundles of herbs that are bound tightly with string and dried. They are later burned and traditionally used as part of a ceremony or ritual, and what better time to use them than your own wedding! Smudge sticks are simple and budget-friendly to make, especially if you use herbs grown in your own backyard. Send your guests home with their own smudge stick and when they try it out the sweet smell will remind them of your wedding day!

Roaches, rats, black mold and stains of dubious origin figure prominently in the nearly 800 critiques of the 700-room hotel on West 43rd Street. Its website boasts that rooms were \"designed with the budget traveler in mind.\"

Yet by Third World budget travel standards, Hotel Carter's Room 807 wouldn't raise many eyebrows. True, the phone doesn't work, there's no bedside lamp, and two of the three door locks are broken. The only way to regulate the sauna-like heat is via a grime-streaked window that opens onto a fire escape, and polyester curtains hide corner dust bunnies the size of tumbleweeds.

Graduating from college without student loan debt almost sounds stranger than fiction these days. But a lot of people can, and do, make it to the finish line for their online college degrees without a pile of loans waiting for them. See infographic below for a budget checklist for going to school.

A budget checklist for going to schoolGraduating from college without student debt almost sounds stranger than fiction these days. But a lot of people can, and do, make it to the finish line without a pile of loans waiting for them.

Gone are the days when we only had a handful of options for cruelty-free mascara. Whether you're looking for luxury or something more budget-friendly, there's a cruelty-free mascara for everyone. In this list, you'll find 21 of the best cruelty-free mascaras which you can narrow down based on your needs: are you looking for something lengthening, volumizing, or curling? Scroll down to find your best match!Spread the word.Share324 Shared

For budget-friendly options, you'll find most products below at Ulta, Target, Amazon or at your local drugstore. A word of caution about Target and Amazon: they have a cruelty-free filter, however I don't suggest you use it as it's often inaccurate.

You can find fantastic cruelty-free mascaras without breaking the bank, and ELF is proving exactly that. At only $4, this one is the perfect option if you're on a budget. It's a beautiful everyday mascara that doesn't clump.

These simple, wooden ash catchers are a perfect budget-friendly option for holding incense sticks. Accented with small gold stars and an assortment of 5 designs (elephant, om, star, pentagram and Buddha

Malusi Gigaba wore a nice suit and pretended to be a finance minister again this week. Some analysts told us before the budget that we were about to see VAT go up by 2-4%, that income taxes would be raised again...Content hosted by iono.fmContent hosted by 076b4e4f54


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